Questions and Answers

Q: Does the Scripture say that the Julian or Gregorian calendars are for YHWH’s appointments?

A: No.

Q: Does the Scripture say that the heavenly lights, including the moon, are for YHWH’s appointments?

A: Yes - Genesis 1:14-18; Psalm 104:19.

Q: Are there any examples in Scripture of anyone keeping a weekly Sabbath on any other day than the

A: No. and we offer a $10,000 reward to anyone who finds one.

Q: Did anyone in Scripture keep the weekly Sabbath on the 8

A: Yes, everyone, we have found at least 72 pinpointed weekly Sabbaths in Scripture as we prove in our Booklet.

Q: If there is no proof of a Sabbath on any other day than by the moon, does the Scripture say to prove all things:

A: Yes - 1 Thessalonians 5:21.

Q: Does the Scripture teach that the traditions of men would make the commandment of YHWH of none effect?

A: Yes - Matthew 15:6; Mark 7:13.

Q: Was the Old Testament written for our example?A: Yes - 1 Corinthians 10:6-11.

Q: Are all examples of weekly Sabbath keeping found to be on the 8

A: Yes, without exception, this is why we offer a $10,000 dollar reward and to provoke some to study.

Q: Is all of this in YHWH’s law/Torah?

A: Yes.

Q: If someone turns their ear from hearing the law, will their prayer be an abomination?

A: Yes - Proverbs 28:9.

Q: Is there any record in Scripture of any days or appointments being kept by a manufactured arbitrary count?

A: No. it would be a counterfit.

Q: Is there any record in Scripture of the heavenly calendar, ordained by YHWH being used for the weekly Sabbath?

A: Yes, many examples.

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Q: Is the moon to be used for determining festivals?

A: Yes, Genesis 1:14-18; Psalm 104:19. "He appointed the moon for seasons (FESTIVALS)".

Q: Is the Sabbath a festival?

A: Yes - Leviticus 23:3. it is the 1st one listed by YHWH.

Q: Am I saying that the calendar in use today is a later invention of man?

A: Yes, it had to be if it cannot be found in Scripture.

Q: Should this settle the matter once and for all?

A: Yes, but some perfer the tradition's of man over YHWH'S Word.

Q: Are there any historical documents proving the weeks to have been originally by the moon?

A: Yes. Even The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia and another 1905 Jewish Encyclopedia by Funk and

Wag, both state the Sabbath was originally observed by the moon phases. Even knowing this fact, they

 choose to follow their BLIND leaders. Men of antiquity, such as Philo the Jew, who lived at the same

time our Saviour did and Clement of Alexandria prove the week to have been originally associated with

 the moon phases.

Q: What are the strongest points for the Sabbath based upon the lunar cycle?

A: Genesis 1:14, Psalm 104:19, Leviticus 23:3, Ezekiel 46:1, and all the inspired pinpointed examples

 found in Scripture where the Sabbaths are on set days of the moon.

Q: What are the strongest points for continuing in the Julian/Gregorian calendar “Sabbath”?

A: There are none.

Q: Did the Jews ever forgit the Sabbath?A: Yes: YHWH caused them to forget it (Lamentations 2:6).

They had also forgotten it in Egypt, seeing that YHWH had to make it known to Moses, (Exodus 16).

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true count to Pentecost, which is 50 days “after” the 7th Sabbath complete, not 50 days after

 the wave sheaf or 1st Sabbath (Lev-23:16) 16Even unto the morrow “after” the seventh

sabbath shall ye number fifty days; and ye shall offer a new meat offering unto”   NOT before.

 It makes no difference how we think a verse of Scripture should be understood and

interpreted but how the Holy men of old understood and interpreted the verse, and this is

 true with Leviticus 23:16 where it says, “even unto the morrow “after” the seventh Sabbath

 shall ye number 50 days and ye shall offer a new meat offering unto YHWH.”  When

considering the correct understanding and interpretation of Leviticus 23:16, whether we

should number 50 days from the wave sheaf or number 50 days AFTER the seventh

Sabbath, we should consider the following questions.  One interpretation puts Pentecost

in the beginning of the third month and the other interpretation puts Pentecost at the end

of the fourth month.  So not counting the Scripture in question, let's consider the following

which will show that there's NOT even a feast in the third month for a third month Pentecost, also it will

show that there is NOT even a harvest in the third month for a third month Pentecost feast and that the

Law was NOT even giving to Moses in the third month to commemorate Pentecost,  

Questions and Answers 

Q: Is there a “third month feast mentioned anywhere in Scripture? 

A: No.  I challenge anyone to find only one.     

Q: Is there a “fourth” month feast mentioned in Scripture? 

A: Yes -Exodus 32:5 YHWH’S High Priest proclaimed it.       

 Q: Was this feast one of the 3 Chag feast of the year? 

A: Yes-the Hebrew word feast is Chag in Exodus 32:5.     

Q: Was it at the end of the 4th month?  

A: Yes, and it was exactly 50 days after the seventh “Lunar” Sabbath complete.    

Q: Would this count work with the traditional Saturday Sabbath? 

A: No, you would have two extra days because of the new moon days which are not counted in counting out Lunar weeks.     

Q: If there is not a third month feasts in Scripture, does the Scripture say to prove all things? 

A: Yes - 1 Thessalonians 5:21. 

Q: If no 3rd month feast can be found in Scripture, where did the traditional Pentecost feast

come from?  

A: Traditions of man.  I could stop here or even at the first question “Is there a “third

month feast mentioned anywhere in Scripture?” and it should be more than enough to

convince any honest hearted person who wants to know the truth, to take a second look

at their doctrine, but I will continue on with more questions and answers for those who

wants to know the truth.     

Q: If we cannot find a 3rd month feast in Scripture for a third month Pentecost, can

we find a wheat harvest in the third month? 

A: No, the only conclusive wheat harvest found in Scripture is summer wheat harvest

which is in the fourth month. Proverbs 10:5, Proverbs 26:1, Isaiah 18:4-6, Jeremiah 8: 20,

Jeremiah 40: 10 -12, Jeremiah 48: 32, Daniel 2:35, Amos 8: 1-5, Micah 7:1        

Q: Does aNo” 3rd month feast and a No” 3rd month wheat harvest equal (=) aNo

 third month Pentecost? 

A: Yes, a no third month feast and a no third month wheat harvest equal's a no third

month Pentecost unless you're following the traditions of men. 

Q: Was the Old Testament Scripture written for our example? 

A: Yes - 1 Corinthians 10:6-11.         

Q: If there are no examples of a third month feast “or” a third month wheat harvest,

why should we keep a third month Pentecost? 

A: We should not keep a third month Pentecost for the obvious reasons above.  I could

probably stop here because I have shown where there was no feast in the third month, no wheat

harvest in the third month, Etc. now I will show there was no Law giving in the third month and I

believe Pentecost commemorates the giving of the Law so I will give a few more questions and


Q: Was the Law given in the third month?      

A: No,    

Q: Was the Law given in the fourth month?

A: Yes, Ex-31:18, Deut-9:11     

Q: Can Ex-19:1 be understood that Moses came to the Mount on the same day they went

forth out of Egypt?

A: Yes, and at the end of 40 days and 40 nights in the mount would be the end of the 4th

month, and the day that the Law was given to Moses and the same day that Aaron said was a Chag/FEAST to YHWH/Pentecost it was also 50 days AFTER the 7th Lunar Sabbath complete. 

Q: Is there any History where anyone counted 50 days AFTER the seventh Sabbath Complete

 to keep Pentecost? A: Yes, Philo shows that the 50th day count to Pentecost “begins” the

morrow “AFTER” the seventh Sabbath complete NOT from the wave sheaf, and therefore the

 50th day after the WAVE SHEAF is NOT Pentecost BUT was observed by some zealous Jews

as a Prelude or kind of forefeast to Pentecost. Below are plain instructions from men that lived

at that time, which show that the 50th day is counted from the day “after” the seventh Sabbath complete. Quoting from Philo The Special Laws 11 page 584, chapter 30 (176)

XXX. (176) The “solemn assembly” on the occasion of the “festival” of the sheaf having

such great privileges, is the “prelude” to “another” festival of still “greater importance”;

for from “this day” the “fiftieth day” is reckoned, making up the sacred number of seven

sevens, with the addition of a “unit” as a seal to the whole; and this festival, being that of

the first fruits of the corn, has derived its name of Pentecost from the number of “fifty,”
From the above we see they kept the 16th of the 1st month as a feast and solemn assembly

when they waved the sheaf and it was called a “prelude” (or introduction) to “ANOTHER”

feast that was “more important” than the “first” feast/16th that was held on the 16th (Why?) because it was from “this feast” that the 50th day is reckoned which consists of seven sevens

plus one which equals 50 which means Pentecost. (How much plainer can it get?????)  This 2nd

feast that is more important than the 1st feast, or 16th, is the morrow after the seventh Sabbath complete and is the day that people are keeping for the traditional Pentecost, but according to

chapter 30 above it is the feast that is “greater” than that of the “wave sheaf” feast because

the 50th day is reckoned from it, (the greater feast) and Pentecost is the “GREATEST” feast.

This is in harmony with Lev-23 where it says “even unto the morrow AFTER the seventh Sabbath

shall you number fifty days and then bring a new meat offering”. For more details and an eyewitness Click Here 

  I could stop here but I will add one more proof found in nature of a 4th month Pentecost. 

The true Pentecost ALWAYS had ripe grapes present     Even on the day of Pentecost when they were

being accused of being drunk with "new" wine, which is not found in the third month for the traditional Pentecost

because it is Agriculturally imposable  and in the book of Acts, Peter said this is that it was spoken by the prophet

Joel and when you look at the prophet Joel you see where he said that the floors would be full of wheat and the fats

full of wine.  Once again there is no new wine in the third month to fulfill this prophecy. Please Click the link above.

There is too much proof for me to mention here but you can Click on the link below and you will see how Paul kept

Pentecost beyond the traditional Pentecost count and how it must be at the Years turning, i.e. you have 1 feast in the

spring, 1 in the summer, and 1 in the fall instead if 2 in the spring, NONE in the summer and 1 in the fall. See Moon

Phases at Brother Arnold