First of all, I don’t believe that Historical evidence trumps Scripture but the doctrines that I believe  the Scripture teaches are supported by Historical evidence, which includes the Sacred Name, Lunar Sabbaths, and when a day begins etc. this lets us know that we are not observing some new wind of doctrine, like the traditional weekly Sabbath that cannot be traced back to the time of the Temple.

We can CONCLUSIVELY prove from many Scriptures that our Savior and His Apostles observed the SAME weekly Sabbath as did the Jews of his day and we can CONCLUSIVELY prove from the HISTRICAL evidence that the Jews of His day kept “LUNAR” Sabbaths.

This Historical evidence is recorded in the book of Philo the Jew who lived at the same time our Saviour did. See

One of the major objections to Lunar Sabbaths is that people believe that the Jews have always kept up with the weekly Sabbath from creation to now, but is this true?

No! this statement is not true according to scripture and even the Jews themselves. The Scripture clearly teaches in Laminations 2:6 that YHWH Himself caused the Sabbaths to be forgotten in Zion and even Daniels prophesy teaches us they would think change times and laws and the Sabbath they are keeping today is what It was changed to and therefore cannot be the correct Sabbath.

The Jews themselves claim that the weekly Sabbath is OBSCURE and they do not know where it originated but some say that it was by the phases of the moon and others by the seven planets. Can you are imagine the Jews admitting this?

the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia under the article Sabbath and was written by a well-respected Rabbi by the name of Max Joseph. Most Jews do not have this knowledge and simply follow tradition, same as most Christians, they do not study the Scripture for themselves and they follow the traditions of men and make the Commandments of none effect.

They do claim that the blessings which the world possesses in its weekly day of rest and observance is owed exclusively to Israel even though they do not know where it came from. The same author in another seprate article says that the Sabbaths were ORIGINALLY by the phases of the moon and therefore it is obvious that he was not one of those who believed it was by the seven planets, see calender.

Someone might ask, why would a Hebrew scholar like Max Joseph who knew and publicly acknowledge that the Sabbaths were originally by the phases of the moon and keeping the traditional Saturday Sabbath, not knowing where it originated?

I have asked myself this same question Concerning the True Name of the Creator. Most scholars agree that it was originally YHWH but they using the traditional name J-sus not realizing the Importance of using the Name that He gave to Himself, this also amazes me but it is true. It goes back to vain warship, not doing what the Commandments says. He teaches us that the Scribes and Pharisees were sitting in Moses seat and whatever they say is right but they would not do it. The Jews admit that the Sabbaths were originally by the phases of the Moon but will not keep them that way.

These articles are found in the 1943 Universal Jewish Encyclopedias called the war encyclopedias and every one knows that when there is a major crisis and people think that the world is coming to an end etc, they repent of their sins and tend to be as honest as possible, which could have been the case here with Max Joseph. At any rate when people use the argument that the Jews kept with it, we see that the Jews admit that they do not know where the weekly Sabbath that they are keeping originated and at the same time admit that it was originally by the phases of the moon.

These two articles can be verified in the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, volume five, edited by Isaac Landman, The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia Inc., New York, 1941, article “Holydays,” page 410. And the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, volume nine, edited by Isaac Landman, The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, Inc., New York, 1943, Oracle “Sabbath,” page 295.

Brother Arnold




I realize that some people are not going to believe lunar Sabbaths, no matter what Historical evidence you give them or what scriptural proof you present, they are going to remain in a state of denial and reject the word of YHWH to the very end holding their traditions but here is more evidence from the Jewish people themselves, in addition to the evidence already given, that the Jewish people knew that the weekly seventh day that they are now keeping is not right and that the weeks and the seventh day of the weeks were originally by the phases of the moon.

In the 1943 Universal Jewish Encyclopedia volume 10 page 482 edited by Isaac Landman under the article “week", written by Simon Cohen, Director of Research, it says,

“WEEK (in Hebrew shabua). The idea of the week, as a subdivision of the month, seems to have arisen in Babylonia, where each lunar month was divided into four parts, corresponding to the four phases of the moon. The first week of each month began with the new moon, so that, as the lunar month was one or two days more than four periods of seven days, these additional days were not reckoned at all. Every seventh day (sabbatum) was regarded as an unlucky day. This method of reckoning time spread westward through Syria and Palestine, and was adopted by the Israelites, probably after they settled in Palestine. With the development of the importance of the Sabbath as a day of consecration and emphasis laid upon the significant number seven, the week became more and more divorced from its lunar connection, so that by the time of the second Temple it was merely a period of seven days and no longer depended on the new moon. From Judaism the week passed over to Christianity, and through the influence of the later was generally adopted throughout the Roman empire; Islam also made use of the week for its Sabbath days.
Jews never had any special names for the days of the week, usually denoting them by ordinal numerals: first, second, third and so on.”

Although the Historical research is undeniable and is in PERFET harmony with scripture and other Historians and Scholars who have discovered the same, I disagree with his statement that it was probably adopted by the Israelites, after they settled in Palestine. I believe the Babylonians receives it from their father Adam and it was handed down from there. The scripture also teaches Lunar Sabbaths but at least he recognizes they were keeping Lunar Weeks with a Lunar Sabbath at the end of each, (which began somewhere) up unto the second Temple, probably because of the writings of Philo, Clemet of Alexandra, etc. and who knows what all evidence and books that this Director of Research had at his disposal. At any rate his research is sound and it proves the Jews were at some point keeping Lunar weeks and went FROM the LUNAR week to the traditional week they observe today which is a 1-7 continuous cycle paying no attention to the moon.

This also supports Rabbi Max Joseph’s article under Sabbath where he admits the Sabbath is obscure and they don’t know exactly where it came in, of course he had also the knowledge that it was originally by the phases of the moon, same as this author. These other two articles by Max Josephs can be verified in the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, volume five, edited by Isaac Landman, The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia Inc., New York, 1941, article “Holydays,” page 410. And the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, volume nine, edited by Isaac Landman, The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, Inc., New York, 1943, Oracle “Sabbath,” page 295.

We see that the Rabbis and Director of Research, Jewish scholars, were aware that the weeks and the Sabbath they are now keeping were not the original, as far back as 1943, and I know of another 1905 Jewish Encyclopedia that acknowledges it which I will obtain later.
If they can admit it then why can’t we?

If the Jewish Director of Research, Simon Cohen researched the seven-day week all the way back to the Babylonians and acknowledges that the Israelites received it from them, the rest would be easy because where does he think the Babylonians received it from? Where did the Babylonians get the concept of a week and the keeping of a seventh day of the week from in the first place? We know the Babylonians were direct descendents of Noah who was a direct descendent of Adam who was the created son of YHWH.

The Babylonians and Abraham who were taught by Noah and his son Shem who lived in and around the Metropolitan city Babylon. Abraham knew about the true calendar because they received it from Adam and his descendents who received it from YHWH.

If you study the above carefully you will see that the Jewish author of this article would have to believe the Hebrew children were actually Keeping Lunar Sabbaths every seventh day of the Lunar Week up until the second Temple where the Julius Caesar calendar that was introduced in 46 B.C. began to phase its way in . Of course this calendar was not readily accepted by the Jewish people and that is why you read in the Dead Sea Scrolls where they were showing where the Sabbaths and new moons would fall throughout the year on this new commercial calendar. Time and time again you see in the Dead Sea Scrolls where the scribe were saying things like the new moon is going to fall here and the Sabbath is going to fall here or a certain feast day here and that because the Sabbaths and new moons and feast days did not have a part of that Roman calendar and they were showing where they would fall throughout the year. Else they would not have to say that it falls here or there if it was already there.

Side Note! Remember these Scholars are Saturday Sabbath keepers and have no bones to pick, they are just stating facts. It does not matter to them how much Historical proof is presented or how many scriptures there are that conclusively prove that the early Israelites kept Lunar Sabbaths, they are NOT going to change, they are going to stay with the traditional Sabbath knowing that it does NOT square with scripture or History. How about YOU, will you also deny the Word of YHWH and follow these BLIND leaders, no matter what the evidence shows? The choice is YOURS.
Brother Arnold